Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan’s Investment Process

Investment Process

Due Diligence in the Investment Process

Herrand Associates observes four fundamental tasks in the investment process: Macro Strategies, Manager Research, Client Investment Profile and Portfolio Design.

Asset Allocation Structure

While every aspect of the Herrand Associates investment approach is equally vital as the rest, the procedure is significantly effective in drafting asset allocation guidelines by observing a chronological flow of action.

These four guiding posts utilized by Herrand Associates in its investment strategy assure that every client being managed obtains an investment plan completely in tune with his or her goals and requirements.

1. Macro Strategies

Using a top-to-bottom approach over macroeconomic patterns, create a wide perspective of economic and market-defined projections. This strategy procedure based on a comprehensive view pinpoints surging investment tendencies and movements toward prospective asset-distribution patterns.

2. Manager Research

A bottom-to-top qualitative and quantitative research approach is employed to suit manager choice and performance with rising asset trends. Portfolio management knowhow undergoes meticulous evaluation from the very start of the process and continues on.

3. Portfolio Development

While considering client’s unique requirements, the company allocates assets accordingly to achieve proper balance for the purpose of satisfying minimum to medium to maximum targets.

4. Client Investment Profile

Herrand Associates considers as a crucial part of the investment procedure the creation of a meticulous client investment profile using an incisive evaluation of how every client devices his or her investment implementation. Herrand Associates wealth experts will diligently assess the level of risk tolerance involved in attaining gains satisfactory to the client.